Slide Show


​We have a lot going on at the Turtle Inn right now.  GC Contracting is checking for and repairing structural defects (cracking in the concrete).  These are normal repairs and occur due to the salt air, wind and rain.  Our painting contractor discovered quite a few defects that need attention right away so that we don't experience more serious issues later.  These repairs are unfortunately unscheduled and not planned for this year and they will create budget issues.

​Currently we have workers running the fiber optic cable for our new Wi-Fi system, TV and phones.  The paint contractor is repainting the entire building after a through pressure washing and cleaning, and of course we have the concrete work being done, so there is a lot of activity.

​The slides will show some but not all of the work that is being done on our concrete repairs.

If the slide show moves too fast for you to read a page the tags on either side allow you to click forward and back. 
The slides are timed to the maximum allowed, 10 seconds.