Slide Show

Do you wonder what you are getting for your maintenance fees besides an oceanfront condo on the beach?  Look over the following slide show and you will have a better understanding.

All of the upgrades and improvements you will see listed were accomplished with only one maintenance fee increase and no special assessments from 2011 to the current date.

  • The slide show starts with an explanation of the real estate taxes, how they have been collected and how we have revised that process to have a portion of the funds available instead of just sitting idle in an escrow account.  The increase in expenses from 2012 through 2015 are then shown and compared to the comparable percent increase of maintenance fees.
  • The second part of the slide show lists by year the upgrades and improvements that have been done since 2011.  This presentation ends with pictures of the structural repairs that were recently made.  These are improvements that once they are completed and painted, they are not noticed.  These improvements or upgrades are required, often expensive and as stated, go unnoticed but cost us thousands of dollars.

If the slide show moves too fast for you to read a page the tags on either side allow you to click forward and back. 
The slides are timed to the maximum allowed, 10 seconds.